N2E Vision

The N2E vision is that every Black youth will have their own business by the age of 18.

N2E Mission

Our mission is to inspire and support young Black entrepreneurs, fostering economic empowerment and celebrating their innovative contributions to society.

N2E Goals

N2E Journey

Since 2017, Olu Productions has organized an annual summer bazaar titled It’s Never 2 Early 2 Create & Innovate: A Black Youth Entrepreneurial Market Place Event. Over the years we have hosted a total of 31 businesses owned and operated by young people ages 4-24. They have taken place in Black community business locations in Seattle's Central and Southend. In 2020 due to COVID-19 we went virtual and added a Black Friday market place which continues. We also began to create and distribute a Holiday Catalog featuring businesses that participated in the November Black Friday marketplace. In July 2021 during the summer marketplace event I had the opportunity to interview the incredible young Black entrepreneurs who participated, what they shared is featured on the first season of our podcast/video series on our youtube channel POSITIVITY….A Time To Love, with additional seasons to follow. In 2022 we organized a business association for young Black entrepreneurs so that they can deepen their business acumen and support each other. The year 2023 marks another major achievement with the acquisition of a Seattle Downtown pop-up retail space. The plaza will feature products from businesses owned and operated by young people of African descent as well as accommodate events and activities. 

Olu Productions believes that by seeking, promoting, and investing time and resources into young Black entrepreneurs the results will benefit our community and strengthen current and future generations. The division of Olu Productions, It’s Never 2 Early 2 Create & Innovate (N2E) is growing and has taken on a very exciting life of its own. 

Introducing young people to entrepreneurship in their own community positively influences an individual’s own likelihood to pursue it. N2E brings people together and promotes confidence and hope. After our experience with COVID, police shootings, and economic challenges our community could really use a place where we can celebrate young Black people and work toward a much better, healthier, and prosperous future.

Olu Dixon

Founder & CEO